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You can register yourself for the upcoming semester September – January! If you are interested in working on multidisciplinary projects assigned by external partners from the field, make sure join us to gain professional experience in an international setting, with research, design, editing and publishing. Details on our offering, skill requirements, and application you will find below.

Who are we looking for? The PublishingLab is looking for interns with a background as publishing students, web and (e)book developers, editors and writers, media professionals, artists, interaction and graphic designers, who are interested in working on experiments in the field of publishing and are passionate about being part of the future of publishing.

Who are we? The PublishingLab conducts applied research by doing innovative experiments in the field of (digital) publishing. What is the impact of technological developments on the branch as a whole? We conduct small experiments in the field of EPUB3, work on user interfaces for collaborative online editing environments, aim to convey hybrid publishing concepts and workflows to a non-expert audience and look into design problems to tackle. Our research takes place in diverse projects, always in collaboration with external professional partners from the field of publishing. The PublishingLab is closely affiliated with the Institute of Network Cultures, founded by Geert Lovink in 2003.

We offer you the opportunity:

  • to be part of an inspiring and interdisciplinary research team;
  • to gain experience in the publishing, research, arts and/or cultural sector;
  • to grow your skills and develop full potential in the publishing industry;
  • to get up to date on all the latest developments in the publishing industry;
  • to get access to an extensive network of developers, designers, artists, media, educational institutions, research centers and cultural institutions;
  • to intern with us for 3 to 6 months (a small allowance will be granted).
  • to participate in various workshops, such as html, css, inspect element, writing, usability testing, etc.

Interested? Join us, by sending your application. We look forward to hearing from you!



To be announced soon.


PublishingLab is always interested in meet and greet new partners, whereas great relationships with committed project partners are crucial to depth of our students learning. Its focus is to stimulate and strengthen innovative projects by sharing knowledge for future projects. During the project the PublishingLab brings in a network out of the Amsterdam based creative industries, as well as international network. Working with designers, coders, authors, researchers gives the PublishingLab the opportunity to bring skills and knowledge to guarantee working prototypes, giving the assigner the opportunity to take the working prototypes into production. An overview of our partners involved can be found here.

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