Kickstart Week

Hello readers!

We are pleased to introduce you to our first blog post of the semester. We are Alina, Belén and Ilayda, three new interns at the PublishingLab and we will be the ones in charge of Transforming Hit&Run Millennials in the upcoming months.

Before revealing you more details, first let us introduce ourselves: Alina originally comes from Germany, has completed her Bachelor in Cultural Studies at the University of Groningen and is currently enrolled in the New Media and Digital Culture Master’s programme at the University of Amsterdam; Belén is a Spanish/Argentinian journalist, also a former student at the UvA, who has recently acquired her Master’s in New Media and Digital Culture; and Ilayda, born and raised in Istanbul, has graduated with a double-major in Psychology, and Media and Visual Arts, also currently pursuing her MA in New Media and Digital Culture at Utrecht University.

Upon our arrival at the PublishingLab, we had the chance to get to know our colleagues and fellow interns, and we also got familiarised with the research projects of this semester. On our first week we also had the opportunity to attend a workshop at the Makers Lab here at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, where we experimented with different kinds of tools such as laser cutting and foam cutting machines. You can check some of the results below.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset



Our team was assigned to work on the project for De Persgroep Nederland, the Dutch leading publisher of national, regional and local news brands, magazines, websites, also active in the radio industry. Likewise other print media companies, De Persgroep has been constantly challenged to come up with better strategies in order to maintain their leadership position within the digital domain. In this way, they’ve been redefining their role by developing new digital revenue models and applying different strategies on social media to ensure a stable relationship with their online readers, especially with the younger audience.

Our main goal within this project will be to develop a new way to build a sustainable relationship with an online audience of Millennials (18-35 years old) that only reads the content through social media links, and more specifically through their mobile phones. In this sense, we will focus on creating a solution that will enable De Persgroep to transform their one-time visitors into committed readers.

Welcome on board, we’ll keep you posted!