As part of the ongoing investigation into Alternative Revenue Models for Digital Publishing at the PublishingLab, the research team (Luca Claessens, Nicoleta Pana and Oliver Barstow under the mentorship of Silvio Lorusso) are developing a project that will be positioned as a start-up consultancy. Called Analogy, the start-up will have a presence at MoneyLab #3 where it will be using the conference platform, together with a selection of technologies adapted from established online platforms, to optimize the traditional publishing workflow.


The Analogy pitch

Why should the publishing industry be left behind by the profitability of cutting edge technologies that foster innovative business models?

Analogy is a consultancy specialized in adapting the advances of established online platforms (such as Google, Facebook, Spotify) to update traditional publishing practices. By constantly analyzing successful models, Analogy offers solutions that bring agility to traditional publishing practices.

For each project, Analogy combines an array of diverse strategies employed by industry leaders (such as content extraction from existing data-sets, crowdsourcing, freemium etc.) to develop a publishing model that addresses your specific needs. Our models work to maximise efficiency and optimise the expenditure of each phase of the publishing process.

In partnership with Analogy, your organisation will publish more, at less cost, with greater reward.