Serena Panariti (website) − Serena is an Italian designer and visual artist with a passion for experimental dancing and video making: both ways to communicate her ideas on the state of art in daily life. She graduated in Design and Multimedia at IUAV University of Venice, with an Erasmus period in Lisbon at IADE Creative University. She is currently based in Amsterdam, where she is working as Digital Publishing Intern and Graphic Designer at the PublishingLab. She is eager to learn and improve her skills, and is always on the move to achieve that. She is now experiencing a new intercultural environment where she is investigating the interrelation of Fashion and Social Media. Her goal is to be out of the box, while always crafting new ways to rethink herself.


Nicola Romagnoli (website) − Nicola is a filmmaker, writer, and researcher. He was born in Italy and immigrated to Canada at an early age. In Toronto, he studied film and worked in festival managing as well as various film publications. He currently lives in Amsterdam, where after graduating from UvA’s Masters in New Media and Digital Culture program, continued to pursue his interests in media theory and research at the PublishingLab. His work focuses on media sustainability and environmentality, media as political platform and historical materialism.


Claudia Giralt Monedero (website) − Claudia is an artist and designer, also known as A cAt. She has studied graphic design in Spain, Digital Media Design in England, and is currently attending a master, Experimental Publishing, at Piet Zwart, Rotterdam, while working as an intern at PublishingLab. Apart from working as a graphic designer, the areas she explores are glitch, the subjectivity of reality, and the mere meaning of life. Glitch is approached as a mean to transmit other concepts. When it comes to the subjectivity of reality, she tries to go out of social constructed paradigms, questioning the main structures of believes on which society is build. Other projects tackle the meaning of existence, trying to make sense of life itself. Apart from external research, her approach is self-reflexive and self-explorative, with the idea that all answers can be found in oneself.