How Digital Media has Changed the Landscape of Fashion Week

Continuing our research about the development of social media in the fashion industry, we focused on luxury fashion brands, analyzing their media strategies at industry Fashion Weeks. The powerpoint presentation below summarises our current research.

With the advent of social media, big starring are now luxury fashion consumers, who are empowered with the ability to review and discuss products, events and ideas, thanks to several highly public online forums, from Twitter to Instagram and Facebook. They play an increasingly influential role in shaping the public’s perceptions of luxury fashion brands.

We checked the statistics about two years ago, where most businesses were relatively quiet and lack any sufficient social listening capabilities, while nowadays they improved their social performances to have an intimate connection with consumers. Fashion Brands make big marketing researches about the right timing and the right contents to post, in order to producing a two -directional relationship with consumers enthusiastically discussing brands online, keeping alive the brands’ names.

Fashion brands embrace social media to connect with their influencers, and to learn everything all about their customers. Even if customers are not buying, they want to talk to fashion brands and about them; through live streaming, interactive apps, sharing, likes. That’s because online and offline sharing is crucial for luxury brand success, for their growth in the luxury market.

This powerpoint summarizes our initial findings on recent developments in fashion, particularly exploring how industry fashion weeks have changed and adopted since Instagram became the unauthorized platform of fashion.