Research within and into the creative industries yields results that need to be shared with the creative industries themselves as well as with the educational and academic domains. While traditional publishing models have concentrated on printed text, applied research also increasingly delivers multimedia and digital output. This means that new strategies and forms of appearance are needed in publishing.

What are the best open and efficient ways of publishing multimedia research results for the Creative Industries?

It should be possible to share acquired knowledge and tangible research products openly with others, for instance those working in the creative industries. These people often don’t have access to scientific material, which is generally licensed and hard to share. Relevant articles are also often difficult to find using international search engines.

By means of field research and interviews, an inventory will be made of the needs of applied researchers and workers in the creative industries. Using research and specially developed tools for giving access to research output, concrete methods will be identified for publishing contemporary multimedia research output quickly and openly.

The final advisory report will propose appropriate publication models for applied and multimedia research within the creative industries. The project thereby contributes to optimum levels of knowledge exchange between the research, educational, and professional domains.