Brand new news

Things are moving fast.
We have realized an online survey in order to investigate reading habits on the Web, and to help us re-design the INC Publications Webpage. The results of the survey will help us understand whether people prefer to read online by scrolling down, or by flipping pages of a digital book as if it were a physical book, for instance.
So far we have received some hundred interesting responses, however we are constantly receiving new results.
Please consider taking the survey if you still haven’t yet by following this link.

We also finally decided to direct our forces towards creating a text-oriented website, at least in the initial stages of our project. This new 0.1 re-design will be especially tailored for the new Theory on Demand (TOD) publication, Gray Zones, which will be launched rather soon.

Gray Zones, which was written by 7 different writers and edited by Gordana Nikolić and Šefik Tatlić, investigates the field of economics and culture and more specifically the existing links between creative industries and capital. Gray Zones will be presented at the MoneyLab conference, which will take place on 3-4 December in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. The new TOD issue will be thus considered as our source material and as a case study for the new Web-document reader we are working on.
We plan to present the new reader to the public at the MoneyLab conference as a sort of ‘crash test’, by making people able to access the website on different devices (smartphones, tablets and computers) during the 48 hours of the event.

This feedback will also complete the online study that is in progress. We hope thus to receive first-hand feedback from people and potential readers of the INC publications, and to improve the design of the website and its global functioning. Moreover, even if those ideas remain quite uncertain, we are also thinking about a performative way to make the public involved in our project…

For now, we are looking at the different ways of creating a desired HTML output of the original Markdown copy of the book, adding in the process a ‘new branch’ to the Hybrid Publishing Workflow commonly used by the INC PublishingLab.

In the meantime, you can visit our Github Archive to stay updated on our progress.

Until next time!

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