Sprint 1

On our arrival at The Publishing Lab we were presented with a project proposal with the defined task of re-imagining the aesthetics of the Theory on Demand series and creating an affluent style guide for all of the TOD publications available.  After approaching the task at hand and with a few long days spent brainstorming and contemplating a rehaul, as a group we came to unanimous decision that the redesign should not be limited to the content of the books but rather an alteration of the context that surrounds them.

Following a thorough deconstruction and analysis of the INC homepage, we placed our interest in improving the accessibility of the content residing within the publications and set ourselves a concise goal to tackle the existing flaws that reside within the user interface and navigation design. We believe that it is critical that the publications are thoroughly accessible and believe that designing a more intuitive and interactive space to host these publications could positively impact readership numbers.

Currently, the “Theory on Demand” series is hosted on the INC website, which, unfortunately, is lacking a comprehensive searching tool or a filter to access the content of the publications. Although the current website has favourable aesthetics, it functions as a static and non-navigable platform. In the next six months we will aim to answer our proposed research questions: how do we maximise efficiency and co-existence of the various formats (epub, print, HTML) for the INC series of publications “Theory on Demand?” What can an ideal (and effective) academic publication look like in the digital realm?

During the next sprint we will be working on researching and problem solving within the following criteria; content, user Needs, interface, INC requirements, navigation and publication requirements.

Until next time!