The Beginning


Being the first of many to come, here is our debut blog post and introduction as newly initiated Publishing Lab interns. On our arrival at the INC we were tasked with executing a redesign of the Theory on Demand Series. Published since 2009 this print-on-demand collection reprints and distributes theoretical new media writings which have been discontinued, or new publications which do not traditionally adhere to publishers requirements.

In the forthcoming months we will be approaching a re-haul of TOD’s interface alongside conducting relevant empirical and theoretical research. In our upcoming journey we will take an in-depth look at how navigation and design of such media can alter the way we interact with, study and share valuable theoretical research online.

Our team is made up of three, from varied corners of Europe; I am Sara Sturges, a British native and graduate in Communication Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Josip Batinic from Bosnia who has recently acquired his Masters in New Media and Digital Culture from the university of Amsterdam, and finally Léna Robin who has acquired her masters at Haute École des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg specializing in Graphic Design.

Keep posted for more updates coming soon!

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