The last sprint: Unbalanced Design for Balanced Life

5 months and a website to show – this is the outcome of mutating the medium for millennials. Actually, it is more like a lot of files, code, a trailer, a guide and a website, but who’s counting.

5 months ago or the research question

To understand it now, you should go back in time to the beginning of February. Then our team were assembled  – Mandy, Nadina and me. Shout out to Andrea. Then we were introduced to our client WPG Uitgevers, one of the largest publishers in the Netherlands. They posed the research question, haunting us all these months – What does a commercially and journalistically sustainable magazine look like, that is targeted at millennials and built upon the domains of WPG? We talked to our client and decided to concentrate on 3 of their magazines – Happinez, Yoga and Psychologie, with the common topic of mindstyle.  

4 months ago or who are the millennials

In the first sprint we investigated who are the millennials and what are the best practices of digital content for millennials about mindfulness and healthy lifestyle. Millennials are people born between 1980 and 2000 who are adaptive tech addicts, community oriented, ambitious, and value-driven. The best practices research showed that the website is the convenient alternative to a digital magazine.

In the second sprint we conducted a survey to better understand millennials. We received 115 responses with 39 people participating in the research in Dutch and 76 prefered doing it in English. We learnt several key things about millennials which we implemented in the website. Millennials like free content and to pay for additional functionalities. Moreover, they are interested in features with tips about healthy lifestyle and bubble bursting their comfortable zone. In terms of design and writing style millennials like simple and easy to understand (navigate) writing and visuals. In addition, we research monetization strategies and created ours – free account with advertising (native and sponsored content) and an option for a premium subscription with additional features

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The last 2 months or coding our life away


In the third sprint we began prototyping our website. The title is Even Up and the theme is Balance. In terms or content, we created guidelines for writing targeting millennials. In the fourth sprint we tested it to see if it makes sense for people outside our little circle. In addition we investigated different content distribution strategies. The decisions about this aspect of the platform is to focus on social media. An at last, during our last sprint we made our platform available online and made it better for users. Now the homepage is exciting and the features  are more visible and developed. In addition, we created two articles using our original guidelines. Now there are guidelines for visuals as well. We wrapped up our project by creating a guide for WPG with all aspects of the platform and suggestions about future development.Schermafbeelding 2016-06-27 om 12.02.12

So at the end of June after 5 months of researching, coding and presenting, we are giving you Even Up – an unbalanced design for balanced life:

You can visit the prototype on:

Hope you enjoyed the project Mutating the Medium for Millennials!

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