Survey Results – Sprint 2

As finalizing our survey, we received 115 responses with 39 people participated in the research in Dutch and 76 prefered to do it in English. With your help, filling our survey, we found some interesting suggestions for the platform, which we are prototyping right now.

We asked you for statistical data. Most of the respondents are in the 21-25 age group. Most of you are financially independent or at least have income other than allowance from parents, scholarships and loans.

image (9)image (10)

We asked you for topics of interest. We choose to investigate your interest in themes, featured in WPG’s magazines. Nearly all of you are interested in culture, a very broad subject of interest, which attracts a lot of readers.

image (11) Furthermore over 70 people are interested in healthy lifestyle. Respondents showed that they are interested in mindfulness and sustainability, respectively third and fourth interest in the survey. Fitness and yoga are niche topics and only few of you showed interest in them. These findings alluded to concentrate our efforts on creating a magazine platform, dedicated to healthy lifestyle and mindfulness.

Then we proposed the question if you have participated in magazine platform initiatives like contests. Your answers indicated that most of you are ready to participate in interesting image (12)campaigns, launched by magazine platforms. So be prepared to join our future platform.

Next we asked you to grade several online features which we had come up with. The most interesting feature for you was a functionality which encourages you to have a healthy lifestyle (by sending: recipes, recommendations for stores and markets, gives advice on healthy diets and exercises).
You placed second  a feature for bursting your filter bubble, by sending you content that you wouldn’t find naturally. That is why we will try to build in this functionalities in the mutated platform. image (13)

Another aspect of this platform is how you will access it. That is why we asked you what are your device preferences. image (14)The laptop option was dominant for both reading articles and watching videos. Surprisingly for us, you are not big fans of using tablets. However, some of you still prefer to read from paper.

Then we asked you how do you engage with digital content in order to understand how important is the social aspect of a future platform. Here, your answers were divided. Nearly half of you said that you do not like and comment. image (15)However, more people responded that they usually like articles on their original site. Moreover, there were people who share articles on social media. These activities are passive which suggests that you do not like to interrupt your reading experience.The two predominant reasons behind your engagement are that you are interested in the material and you agree with it.

When it came down to monetization models, you surprised us with the strong result for paying subscription. However, most of you liked the idea of paying for an app or features. We are here to serve you, so you will be able to experience your platform for free and you will have the chance to subscribe for special functionalities.image (16)

The last aspect of the future platform is the style of writing and layout of the article. We created two questions to test these characteristics. We chose several articles on the topic of mindfulness from different media and genres. Firstly, we asked you to choose an excerpt and then design and title. You like mostly authentic articles written from experience. The language is clear without using big words or metaphors. You like clear writing style. Your design preferences were similar. You like simple visual design with only few elements. It is important that the navigation is easy and intuitive.

These are the guidelines which will lead us in the prototyping this sprint. Stay tuned to see our prototype soon!


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