Take part in our survey!

In order to proceed with our project, we needed to gather some data from online users or readers, that is why we made a Mutating the Medium for Millennials Survey. You can do it in Dutch as well.

The survey consists of 5 sections on the aspects we are interested in, based on our initial research. We want to know how people read, what topics they like and what are their preferences for devices, so that we can create a new platform, catering to the readers. Moreover, we created a question to try out our concepts for the platform, where the respondent can react to our ideas.  In addition, the last 2 questions experiment with the reader’s preferences for writing style and design. We are interested in the use of language that would attract the reader – very informal or technical article, crude or formal language, data journalism or narrative.  Later we will incorporate the philosophy of WPG and their content to find the younger audience.

Please help us gather useful information by taking this 5 minute survey!


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