Millennials online: the mutation is on!

Welcome to the Mutating the Medium for Millennials project. This research initiative is hosted in the Publishing Lab of the University of Applied Sciences⎯which is also part of the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network (ACIN)⎯ and aims to grasp the interests of the millennials regarding online media.

Focusing specifically on adult millennials (from 18 to 36 years old) we expect to shape a new, fully online product for WPG, an independent group of multimedia companies that focuses on magazines, educational material and books for a general audience. In a printed mindset, we would be talking about a lifestyle magazine. But since we are thinking in online and mobile terms, we prefer to talk about a curated platform.

Being millennials ourselves (we are four interns with different professional and cultural backgrounds ⎯check our team here), we started our research focusing on ourselves. Which is a very millennial thing to do, actually. Getting a detailed portrait of the target was our first task, and we are currently researching topics of interest and business models.

With online resources, apps, social media, data journalism and monetization strategies constantly evolving, ours is an exciting and challenging project. We will keep track of our findings and progress in this blog, where commenting, sharing, liking and reposting are more than welcome.

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