HvA Open Publishing — Sprint IV

The final sprint revolved around a brainstorm with participants and stakeholders of the HvA Open Publishing pilot, creating the assets for the prototype conversion from .docx to .html, depositing all the pilot’s publications in the Pure repository, and, finally, wrapping everything up in an evaluation report.

Prototype .docx to .html conversion

Unfortunately the time that was spent on developing the .html conversion got cut short because some other tasks got a bigger priority during the final sprint. But a basic idea with an interactive table of content got developed and it’s a solid foundation to continue upon.

An example of a .html publication can be found here.

Depositing in Pure

Depositing is Pure is quite straightforward. In essence it is a long (boring) form in which you fill in all the information about the publication. It is unfortunate that it can’t crawl the publications for the metadata because that would save a lot of time. It took about half an hour per publication to deposit which amounts two four hours of forms when you take into account all the publications that have been put through the HvA Open Publishing workflow.

*On the last day an experiment with publishing the .html files in Pure directly, was successful. This means that it’s definitely worth to spent more time playing around with the interactions that the .html format enhanced with a stylesheet and javascript can offer in the future.

Wrapping it all up

To wrap everything up a short evaluation report was written, it can be found here (Dutch). The report end on a positive note

The recommendations for the future of HvA Open Publishing attends to two possible roads that the project can take. These ‘roads’ were inspired by the discussions that arose during the brainstorm with stakeholders and participants. One is ‘The road with a low threshold’ the other is ‘The road with prestige’.

The road with a low threshold focusses on filling a gap in the publication structure of the HvA: publishing reports that are generated by the various knowledge centre cheap and efficiently. The Road of prestige focuses on establishing a complete new publication series within the university that focuses on being prestigious for the author. This road has a focus on quality control and marketability.

In the end it is probably best to first focus on ‘The road with a low threshold ‘ before heading towards the ‘Road with prestige’. This allows the organisational, as well as the technical structure, to develop into a stable healthy workflow before attempting to create a series with prestige.

In the end the reaction to the pilot’s results were very positive and there is, probably, going to be a sequel to it next year.

All files from the pilot that are available to the public can be found here.