During the Discovery Festival a team of authors, developers and designers created a realtime epub.
Discovery Festival is a progressive night festival that revolves around the excitement of discovering new things. By incorporating new science, new art and new music, Discovery Festival explores the current developments in scientific research, art and technology, and creates unique interdisciplinary linkages.

Authors: Monique Koopmans and Maureen Voestermans
Design: OK200
EPUB development: PublishingLab team existing out of; Josip Batinic, Joana Chicau, Inte Gloerich, Gottfried Haider, Anatasia Kubrak, Margreet Riphagen, Léna Robin, Karina Zavidova, Jess van Zyl

Publisher: PublishingLab in collaboration with Discovery Festival, Amsterdam, 2015.

PublishingLab is part of the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network.
Contact: PublishingLab