A short introduction to our research interns:

Thomas WalskaarThomas Walskaar (1986) is a graphic designer and researcher. He recently graduated with a Masters degree in Media Design and Communication from The Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. His latest projects centre around technology and how history and memory are mediated through the integrity of our devices.

Having graduated from the University of Rome with a Masters degree in Information, Publishing and Journalism, Fabiola Fortuna (1990) has worked for two years in a traditional publishing house. She is now interested in hybrid publishing, and is excited to experience new areas of both media studies and design fields.

Latika Meelu (1994) is a student of Utrecht University, studying Masters in New Media and Digital Culture. She is interested in writing for social media and online platforms such as websites and blogs. Having been a part of various media internships, Latika strives to gain insights and experience into the field of new media.

Janne van Hooff (1991) is a fourth year Graphic Design student at the Royal Academy in The Hague. She is most interested in the form of the book and the perception of information. She is currently writing her thesis about reading systems and the way we perceive information.

Project Coach

Margreet Riphagen