Cinekid Unfold is out!

The last couple of months we have been working hard and we have launched Cinekid Unfold. The project began after the festival: we gained a lot of inspiration during the festival how to build the platform and tried to catch its atmosphere. We got the chance to interact with the artworks presented in the Cinekid Medialab, as well as meeting the people, both young and old, who were attending the festival. From that direct experience we got a new point of view on how the platform could be realized and how to manage all the gathered content, according to the metaphor of a playground that we found during the developing process. The readers can choose how to interact with the platform and decide where to start or stop the experience.


Being at Cinekid festival and experiencing the installations made us look at the possibilities to build a platform based on the functionalities and styles of the presented artworks:

Dear Deer is an interactive poetry machine created by Yu-Ting Feng, using inputs from the users, creates a small entertaining poem, which scrolls by on the screen. We provide you, in the “Interviews with writers” page, with interviews with writers and artists displayed in a scrolling fashion, from bottom to top, which is similar to the way Dear Deer works.

Do you remember Pong? At the Cinekid Medialab you could find a huge version of it: Physical Pong. We took inspiration form it to let you discover the contents of the “Enter the writers” page: instead of the paddles, we now have the scrollbar which ables you to access information in a playful manner.


Here an overview of the website:

Since Unfold is a curated playground, we built the homepage based on a grid of 6 sections: the user will choose where to start.

Alongside the gathered content, we also selected some blogposts from the blog Enter the writers.


During Cinekid the inspiring What if… workshop took place. All drawings created by the kids during this workshop are presented on the platform.
As kids are crucial in the Cinekid festival, we also interviewed them to gain more insights on their thoughts about technologies and artworks presented at the festival.

To conclude, a small map of the Cinekid Medialab was useful for us to “unfold” the main artworks towards the readers. This in form of pictures and videos.


The result is definitely different from how we imagined the platform to be at the start of the project. We are now inviting you to unfold Cinekid Unfold and have a look!