Unfold information

During the sprint one, we started to define the structure of the our website “Cinekid Unfold”, by dividing the information into content we have already access to, and the content we have to acquire from various sources. We chose four main technologies we would focus on: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and Body Scanning/Sensory Technology.


Content plan

We made the content plan by creating connections between people from “Enter the writers”, artworks present in the festival and speakers of the conferences.


After an intense brainstorming session, we found a metaphor which will be used to explain our initial visualizations of the platform and the user navigations: a curated playground, a space where you can discover information and its varied connections. Cinekid Unfold will be a cyberspace, where the content will be unfolded to the users, in a playful and interactive manner. To build this scenario, we took inspiration by board games and real time strategy online games.


Board games and real time strategy online games

We took inspiration from these games to build the scenario and have an overview about how our platform will look like.


As in a playground, a physical space, this platform has various elements scattered without starting and end points. The difference is that our platform is curated, with the navigation method of the platform allowing users to interact with it in a linear manner.


Structure of the website

Some sketches of the structure of our website: the user can surf in the network of elements following her/his own order.


Thinking about the structure of this website, we chose to build a one-page platform in which the users, instead of scrolling up and down or jumping from a page to another, can surfing through a space in which the elements will overlap each other in order to be contained in one page.