A-B-C s’ for Professionals

The research interns created a simple arrangement of alphabets, each letter containing an interesting sneak peek into the Cinekid festival.


The research Internship at PublishingLab is a melting pot of creative brainstorming, intellectual discussions, intensive content planning, interactive designing and, of course, implementation of ideas in the most efficient manner. Cinekid for Professionals is an international five-day conference where media professionals come together to discuss the various discourse surrounding media. The internship is focused on archiving, connecting and communicating the content of this media conference to media professionals via various online platforms.

Initially, during the Zinestorming session, we started to look for ideas which would attract the demographic of children towards the conference. All the keywords relating to the Cinekid conference were listed in alphabetical order, with the objective to convey information to the audience in a playful manner. Our zine is a simple website, with an orderly presentation of A-Z letters, each attached with an interesting image about the festival. This was a quick construction of a prototype, formed out of ideas and discussions regarding the final product.