The Fashion Retailscape: Innovations in Shopping


About this publication:  An interactive full-length mirror that allows your customers to browse through an endless collection of clothing that you offer and see immediately whether something fits them, including when they turn around, and which also allows them to send a picture quickly to their family and friends to hear what they think. This mirror is a technological development that is already possible and which is being introduced in fashion stores here and there.

But how probable is it that this technological innovation will become a permanent feature of our shopping experience? How probable is it that you as a retailer will invest in such a mirror? And does such an innovation will save the physical store from becoming obsolete while more and more consumers are buying online? And who is that consumer anyway and what does he or she need?

In The Fashion Retailscape developments in (fashion) retail are critically analysed and enriched with insights from retailers in Amsterdam.

About the authors:

Harry van Vliet is head of the Cross-media research group at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. This research group examines the impact of new (technological) developments on business innovation and consumer experiences. As a trained psychologist he holds a PhD in the humanities from the Utrecht University. He publishes regularly on topics such as consumer experience, media strategy, crowdsourcing, cross-media and business model theory.

Anne Moes, researcher at the Cross-media research group, is primarily engaged in research on innovations in fashion retail environments and its impact on the shopping experience for customers. She also teaches at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in ‘Fashion in Retail & Marketing’. Anne graduated in persuasive communication (University of Amsterdam) and wrote her master thesis on the effect of different emotions in charity advertisements.

Bernadette Schrandt works as a researcher at the Cross-media research group and has a degree in Media and Performance studies (Utrecht University). She is specifically interested in embodied experiences: how consumers behave in mediated environments and how their interaction with these media creates meaningful experiences to them. Her research mainly focuses on cultural experiences.

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Harry van Vliet, Anne Moes & Bernadette Schrandt, The Fashion Retailscape: Innovations in Shopping

ISBN 978-94-92171-02-3 (print)
ISBN 978-94-92171-03-0 (epub)