How to: Design Solutions for Digital Publishing

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About this publication:

What are the visual options for artistic digital publications? This site shows you how to create an epub – it is part of the Hybrid Publishing Workflow for creating multiple publications from one source file (including eBooks as ePub3 files).

For more information about the Workflow and creating output for print files, visit the PublishingLab site. You will find instructions & a template for making an ePub3, use css styles to modify your layout, and learn about the pros & cons of a fixed layout ePub. Finally, we look at what some other current options are for digital publishing.



Author: Jess van Zyl
Editorial support: Miriam Rasch
Design: Lasse van den Bosch & Marlon Harder (Template)
With thanks to: Hackers&Designers, Institute of Network Cultures, Torque, Silvio Lorusso, Andre Castro, Gottfried Haider, Michael Murtaugh and the DPT collective.