Hybrid Junior Designer (web/print)

For our upcoming research program Print/Press we are looking for someone who will  research printing products and techniques in collaboration with printers and will document and showcase them in a digital platform. The ideal candidate is interested in print while also familiar with web design and development.

With this research project we aim to set up a pilot to foster a dialogue between digital printers and graphic designers. We want to explore, investigate and validate new ways of presenting showcases/artifacts realised through a collaboration between designers and digital printers.

Traditionally, the relationship between digital printers and graphic designers has been mostly based on informal exchanges as well as on commissions of one-of-a-kind artifacts.  For many freshly started graphic designers, familiarizing with the many possibilities in terms of printing techniques offered by these digital printers, is not an easy task. At the same time, printers struggle to reach new market segments and to show what they are capable of.


At the end of this project we plan to achieve (e.g) the following results:

  • Research on how designers have subverted and appropriated printing techniques;
  • Identification of the expectations of both digital and graphic designers and printers related to printing techniques and processes;
  • Digital inventory of the most common printing techniques;
  • Conduction of several experiments with a diverse array of printers;
  • User survey amongst designers about the experience before and after printing; Conceivement of a series of advices on how to promote print through digital means;
  • Online platform/environment where experiments will be showcased. 

This proposal is an initiative from the PublishingLab, part of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) and will be realised in close collaboration with various printers, supported by KVGO (Koninklijk Verbond van Grafische Ondernemingen) as well as A&O Fonds Grafimediabranche.

We offer you the opportunity to:


The project duration is 6-9 months (starting from February 2018). A compensation, to be discussed in further detail, will be offered. The deadline for applying is 17th of January. Please send your portfolio, CV and motivation letter before the 17th of January to m.riphagen@hva.nl.
For more information please contact Margreet Riphagen or visit www.publishinglab.nl.