Looking for an internship?

This September 2015 the PublishingLab is looking for (interaction) designers, developers, researchers, writers, artists, and passionate people who are interested in conducting experiments in the field of publishing.

The PublishingLab conducts applied research by doing innovative experiments in the field of (digital) publishing. This can be research on the impact of developments on the branch as a whole, conducting small experiments in the field of EPUB3 such as research/work on user interfaces for collaborative online editing environments, research/work on conveying hybrid publishing concepts and workflows to a non-expert audience or just looking into interesting design problems to tackle.

We offer you the opportunity

  • to be part of an inspiring and passionate interdisciplinary research team;
  • to gain experience in research, the arts and the cultural sector;
  • to grow your skills and develop full potential in the publishing industry;
  • to get up to date on all the latest developments in the publishing industry;
  • to get access to an extensive network of a large number of developers, designers, artists, media, educational institutions, research centers and cultural institutions;
  • to intern with us for 3 to 6 months (includes a small allowance).

Interested? Please send your letter of application and portfolio / CV (English) to m.riphagen@hva.nl. We look forward to hearing from you!